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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never heard of this kind of private members club is it new?


No we have been around for five years now, it is a very different kind of membership to a bricks and mortar private members club and most of our members come from outside London. They want to enjoy all the benefits of a private members club but don’t spend enough time in London to use it, this way they get all the benefits without geographical constraints. The concept has evolved every year offering more and more benefits to our members along the way.


What does the membership include?

Your Choice of Event

Choose from an extensive calendar of events scheduled across the UK, offering variety on geographical area, day of the week, and personal interest but all boasting the same exquisite standards of hospitality.

Go Virtual

Our My Virtual Connoisseur team offer you a choice of three virtual events a year to attend for those times when your exceptionally busy. Everything you will need

for your event will be delivered to your door along with an online

masterclass to enjoy.

Additional Invites

We pride ourselves with various partnerships across the UK ranging from our supported charities, networking groups and private clubs. We are invited to some of the UK’s most prestigious events. If we think you will enjoy or benefit from any of these events you will be on the guest list!

Added Benefits

A full range of additional member benefits offered by a range of external partners all booked in and organised on your behalf by our team. Choose from personal shopping, hotel discounts, or a financial review with new benefits added to the portfolio each quarter.

Concierge Services

A personal concierge service for assistance on booking everything from tickets, holidays, weekends away or restaurants. We are experts in finding out what it is you're looking for, then using our knowledge and expertise to deliver a truly unforgettable experience.

Always Included

Fully inclusive hospitality at all events for you and your guests. Our all inclusive membership offers the convenience of paying one annual membership fee with the knowledge that there will be no additional hospitality costs. 

Connoisseur Club

Our Connoisseur Club gives you access to monthly hand selected wines and spirits.

Business Networking

Attend two club business networking events per year.

What do people use the membership for?

The answer simply is whatever they want to. Every member requires something slightly different and we pride ourselves on not only treating every member as individual but every membership as individual. We attract the kind of member that an off the shelf product and service doesn’t suit.



Many of our members have such busy schedules they use the membership to benefit from enjoying an incredible social life but with someone else taking care of organising it. They use their events to entertain loved ones, family and friends as well as making firm friends with people in the club.



Many of our corporate members use the membership as a very different way of spending their entertainment budget in a strategical but successful way. Having spent huge amounts on corporate entertainment in the past with varying degrees of success due to last minute cancellations and being unable to fill places, our calendar gives them the opportunity to offer their clients a range of events that they would not normally be able to source. With ideas away from the “norm” in terms of a corporate offering, they find that it’s their invitation that sets them apart from the rest.


Do I have to be a member can’t I just buy the events?

We pride ourselves on the exclusive nature of our club and know you will appreciate this as a member. All our in-house events are run exclusively for our members and therefore are not for sale.

We do however arrange lots of events via our concierge service for our members, these include concerts, sporting events and one off exclusive corporate or celebratory events for our members.

We are happy to discuss arranging a private event for you but to join us for one of our calendar events, membership is a must.


Do I have to pay the membership fee in one go?

Most members choose to pay their membership annually however we have membership payment plans to suit everyone.


Can I use the other services if I am not a member of The Club?

Yes of course we have lots of clients who use our concierge and events services for one off purchases and events.


How do I know that the other members will be like-minded to me?

We pride ourselves on an exclusive vetting process for all new members which means that you can be assured you will be socialising with like-minded people. They are grown up people who enjoy the finer things in life, having already experienced much of what the luxury market has to offer, they are looking for something different.


Majority of our members are usually referred to us from various sources or have heard about the club from within their circle so they know us by reputation and we make it our business to find out about them.

Our members come from a range of back grounds but are usually Directors, business owners, or semi-retired, our kind of members rarely fully retire they always have one or two projects on the go.

Once you have decided that your interested in finding out more we will arrange an informal coffee with our MD Torie and she can fill in the gaps.

Is it a networking club?

Absolutely not. The emphasis in the club is socialising and relationship building, in our experience the best way to do business is to get to know people first, build a relationship and without anyone realising opportunities will knock on your door without you even looking!


Can I bring guests?

The flexible nature of the membership means you are allocated an amount of spaces to use at events (dependant on your membership type) and you can use those however you wish. Events are planned with available membership spaces appropriate to the style of event so you can invite guests to the event you think will suit them.


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